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Improving Your Permit's Chance Of Success

Make getting your building permits a more straightforward process when you hire us on as your permit expediter. At Permits Today, we have managed thousands of licenses in thousands of municipalities and helped others get their permits accepted. This experience has allowed us to develop successful techniques when managing your permits to help us guarantee your success.

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Keeping You Up To Date

Our team recognizes the individual needs and requirements for every project our clients send our way. To handle their needs, we meet each project with immediate and cost-effective solutions for their services. Our trained professional staff makes keeping up to date on your project easier by giving you daily updates by phone, fax, or emails that are as accurate as possible. You can even count on us to always push for over the counter reviews and corrections.

Working Through Your Permits

Our network of permit specialists can efficiently work with you in your state and city as they know the local requirements and can work in the jurisdiction of your project. They will be there to help you through every step of the way, getting confirmation for city requirements, special inspection forms, and code compliance. If you're not sure what you need, then we are the experts you will need to deal with all city issues. Give us a call, and we can clarify all requirements for you.

Previous Clients

Below is a list of some of the companies we have worked with:

• TD Waterhouse
• Coach
• Anthropologie
• Victoria's Secret
• Gap
• Michael Kors
• Urban Outfitters
• Louis Vuitton
• Old Navy
• Calvin Klein
• Microsoft
• Tiffany's
• Ann Taylor
• American Eagle Outfitters
• Williams Sonoma